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Mirabilis - Natural

Mirabilis - Natural

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The Mirabilis tote bag is resistant and versatile. It has two wide handles that allow it to be carried comfortably over the shoulder. Its fabric is made of 80% recycled cotton and 20% recycled polyester, in support of the circular economy. Recycled cotton minimizes waste in the production phase, but also reduces energy consumption, CO2 emissions produced and water consumption.

With the embroidered Greener logo it purifies the air while you use it by eliminating greenhouse gases such as CO2 and also donates 10% to Restore Our Planet, reforesting forests and collecting plastics from the seas.

The Mirabilis cloth bag is an example of how to give a second life to materials that would otherwise be considered waste, turning them into the perfect everyday accessory.

☁️ 65.7g of CO2 this bag eliminates per year.

🌊 ½ KG of plastic collected from beaches when purchased.

🌲 You contribute to planting a tree when you buy it.

80% Recycled cotton
20% Recycled Polyester
Two wide handles
Purifies the air


Machine wash 30°

Do not use dryer

Iron at a maximum of 110°

Do not use bleach

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Sizes (cm) Height Width Strap Length
Only 39 37 65
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