Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions

What happens with the gases and viruses that clothes eliminate? How does it behave on clothes?

The operation of the clothes consists in the elimination of gases and viruses, this is a process in which the gases that touch the garment are transformed into harmless compounds for living beings and for the environment and the viruses die. These compounds, microscopic in size, come off the clothes and fall to the ground, so they do not remain on the garment.

Do clothes lose effectiveness over time?

The only way for it to lose effectiveness is to wash it out, and this happens very slowly. During the useful life of the garment, it will always have cleaning capacity.

Can the clothes be washed in the normal way?

Yes, by following the washing instructions that accompany each garment, which correspond to the washing instructions that would apply to clothing from any other brand.

Does the treatment that the clothes receive respect the environment?

Of course, the treatment that the garments receive is not harmful to the environment, and this is something in which we have paid special attention and care.

Is there any component that can cause allergy or skin irritation?

No. All our products have the OEKO-TEX Eco Passport certification that certifies that none of the components we use are harmful to human health. This does not exclude allergies or irritations due to skin sensitivity to cotton or polyester.

How much do I contribute to cleaning the air?

Considering only the use of the item of clothing, and leaving aside the contribution through planting trees and collecting plastics in the sea (which also helps to clean the air), each item of clothing cleans the same as up to 100 per day. leaves of an adult tree per day.

What percentage of profits goes to reforestation and cleaning the oceans?

We dedicate 10% of our profits to the restoration of both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems through reforestation and ocean cleanup.

Do clean clothes the same at any time of the day?

Clothes clean more during the day than at night because light enhances the cleaning effect.

What is the pre-sale?

We work with a minimum or zero stock, depending on the case, in order to avoid wasting clothes that have not been sold. For this reason we not only offer the sale but also the pre-sale of our products.

With this method we can give the option to purchase sizes that we would not have otherwise and in turn we can present a wider range of colors.

While in the sale the delivery period would be one week, in the pre-sale this period would be several weeks.

Does the price include VAT?

Of course, all the prices that appear on our website show VAT.

To which countries do we ship?

Austria – Belgium – Bulgaria – Croatia – Denmark – Estonia – Finland – France – Germany – Greece – Hungary – Ireland – Italy – Latvia – Lithuania – Luxembourg – Netherlands – Norway – Slovakia – Slovenia – Spain (except the Canary Islands) – Poland – Portugal – Czech Republic – Romania – Sweden.