Greener is not just sustainable fashion, it is a solution to confront global warming

Why are our clothes so special?

Greener is not just a sustainable clothing brand, it is a way to change the world .
All our clothes clean the air of greenhouse gases, viruses and bacteria.
Every time you wear a Greener garment, you clean the air in your path!

  • Another characteristic of our clothing is that it acts as a virucidal agent. Eliminating COVID 19 and other viruses in general.

  • Treated with a completely natural product, it converts CO2, NOx and VOCs into harmless compounds for both living beings and the environment. Thus, the more the clothes are used, the purer the air will be. Because when the air comes into contact with the fabric, it removes greenhouse gases .

  • The garments are also antimicrobial and bactericidal, so they eliminate bad odors.

Purifies the air

To better understand how Greener clothing purifies the air, we can visualize each garment as a tree.

During the day, trees transform CO2 into oxygen, just like Greener clothing, only they do it 24 hours a day.

The treatment is respectful

We apply a natural-based treatment through an environmentally friendly process.

To ensure the health of people and the planet we work with products with the OEKO-TEX EcoPasport certification.

It works, and we're not the only ones saying so.

The product we apply has been analyzed by the CSIC (Higher Council for Scientific Research), the University of Alicante and the Valencian Institute of Microbiology .

Through these studies it has been possible to confirm all the capabilities that make Greener® such a special brand.