It's not just sustainable clothing, it's a way to set an example to the world and show that things can be different.

Everything that has been done so far is not enough. We need strong measures that improve the planet and restore it.

Greener was born to contribute to the healing of the planet by providing a way in which people can participate too.

Restoring our Earth means restoring the two main sources of life and oxygen

We donate 10% of our profits to reforesting endangered forests and collecting plastics from oceans and beaches.

Our values


    All our actions have been thought and analyzed to be respectful of the planet and the living beings that inhabit it.


    We believe that our footprint in the world should be invisible and we act accordingly.


    We started doing things well, but we know that they can always be better, and that is our commitment.

From the beginning, we have wanted Greener® to be an ethical clothing and sustainable fashion brand. Therefore, we only integrate environmentally friendly materials into our processes: organic cotton, recycled cotton and recycled polyester.

We have very high standards. That's why we always make sure that our suppliers and all the products we use are certified with Fair Wear, GOTS and Peta Vegan certifications.

Organic cotton respects the earth and its natural stages . To ensure a safe environment for farmers and their families , they do not use pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers. In this way, no dangerous or toxic substances leak into nearby rivers or lakes. We use 100% GOTS certified organic cotton from India in all our garments to respect the earth.

Recycled cotton minimizes waste in the production phase, but also reduces energy consumption, CO2 emissions produced and water consumption.

We use recycled polyester that comes from packaging that would otherwise end up in landfills or oceans, to create the garments in our collections, giving them a second life through quality garments.

We take the planet very seriously - All elements of our packaging comply with the 3Rs : they are recycled, recyclable and reusable.