Sustainable fashion accessories

Ethical and vegan accessories

At Greener we have put together an exclusive selection of accessories and complements that reflect our commitment to ethical and vegan fashion. We believe that fashion should not only be beautiful, but also respectful of the planet and all life forms that inhabit it. Our accessories are proof that it is possible to wear trends while embracing a sustainable lifestyle.

Recycled fabric bags

Our bags and backpacks are made from eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton and recycled fabrics. They are durable, functional and stylish, perfect for carrying everything you need in a responsible way.

Plus, their timeless design ensures they'll be stylish companions for years to come.

Organic cotton beanies

Our organic cotton hats go beyond conventional fashion. They are a statement of style and commitment to the planet. Made from sustainably grown cotton, these hats are not only soft and comfortable, but also have a surprising added benefit: they purify the air around you.