Recycled Polyester: The Future of Sustainable Fashion

Poliéster	Reciclado: El Futuro de la Moda Sostenible

What is Recycled Polyester?

Recycled polyester is a synthetic fiber obtained from the recycling of
plastics, such as PET bottles, as well as polyester clothing
previously used. This process not only reduces dependence on
fossil resources but also significantly reduces the footprint of
carbon associated with the production of new fibers.

Why do we use recycled polyester in our garments?

In a world actively seeking sustainable solutions, polyester
recycling is presented as a promising alternative in the
fashion. There are many benefits of using this material in the making of
clothes. We tell you some of the main advantages of manufacturing garments with recycled polyester.

We reduce plastic waste. Recycled polyester converts
millions of plastic bottles into high-quality clothing, thus contributing to
reducing plastic waste on the planet. We also avoid generating
more plastic waste when using this material and not other traditional ones.

The polyester recycling process uses less water than manufacturing
new polyester, contributing to the reduction of water consumption in the
fashion industry. Did you know that with our ethical and vegan jackets
Are you contributing to the reduction of plastics thanks to recycled polyester and also collecting an additional ½ kg of plastics from beaches and seas?

By using recycled polyester we also help reduce
pollution . By recycling PET plastic, the demand for oil and
Fewer greenhouse gases are emitted during the production process.

Recycled polyester can be used in a wide range of products,
from clothing to accessories and home textiles. Discover our clothing
recycled polyester and contribute your grain of sand to our mission.

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