We believe that small actions are no longer enough for the planet, now it is time to think bigger

That is why, in addition to the good our clothes do by cleaning the air, we support reforestation and the collection of plastics from oceans and beaches. Restoring our Earth means restoring the two main sources of clean air, and this is our priority.

Restoring our forests

Forests improve air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and generating oxygen.

They are responsible for maintaining the composition of the soil so that it continues to have the necessary nutrients. They produce food, a livelihood and are the home and refuge to thousands of animals, plants and fungi.

Not only that, but they also help regulate regional temperatures, minimising the use of fans and air conditioners and reducing the problems of high temperatures in cities.

We work on planting trees for a greener future where the next generations will find themselves on a cleaner planet than the one we live on.

Restoring our oceans

The oceans are home to between 50% and 80% of life on Earth. They also absorb about 30% of the atmosphere's carbon dioxide and about 80% of the heat generated by greenhouse gases.

But the marine habitats are being degraded by the 8 million tonnes of plastic that reach the sea every year. Helping the oceans is our urgency.

We collaborate on removing plastic from the oceans and beaches and give it a new and useful life.

Our goal:
Completely clean up the oceans and beaches.

Greener® is not just a clothing brand, it is a project that wants to change the world

Cleaning the air with our products and restoring our planet's sources of life and oxygen are the reasons for its existence and our meaning of life.