We have a strong commitment to our values and every action we take supports them

Our Values - Loving life

We love life and all living beings

We want every living being to be able to enjoy a beautiful life and for this reason we allocate part of our profits to reforestation and the collection of plastics in the oceans.

Our way of living has to be an example for others

All our actions have been thought and analysed to be respectful of the planet and the living beings that live on it.

Our Values - Living as example
Our Values - Creativity

Creativity moves us

Greener® is the result of the combination of research and creativity. That's why we want to push ourselves to come up with new, refreshing and useful ideas.

Minimal impact

We believe that our footprint on the world should be invisible and we act accordingly.

Our Values - Minimal Impact

Always improving

We started by doing things well but we know that they can always be better, and that is our commitment.