Greener® is not just fashion, it is a solution to face global warming

Why are our clothes so special?

Greener is not just a clothing brand, it's a way to change the world.
All our clothes clean the air of greenhouse gases and viruses, including COVID-19.
To understand how one of our cloth works, we can imagine it as a tree leaf photosynthesising. But instead of just one leaf, each garment can work as 100 adult tree leaves.

Whenever you wear Greener® clothing, you clean the air in your path!

Knowing how it works is important but even more important is knowing all the things our garmets do.


Another ability of our clothing is that it acts as a virucidal agent. Eliminating COVID 19 and other viruses in general.


Treated with a completely natural product, it converts CO2, NOx and VOCs into compounds that are harmless to both living beings and the environment. Thus, the more garments are worn, the purer the air will be. Because when the air get in contact with the fabrics, they eliminate the greenhouse gases .


Clothes are also anti-microbial and bactericidal, thus eliminating unpleasant odours.

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The more we are in
the Greener movement,
the more we
help the planet

Our clothing removes greenhouse gases both during the day and at night.
It is more effective the more light it receives, whether natural or artificial.

The application process of the product is environmentally friendly.

The ability to purify the air is effective for the lifetime of the garment. But it is not completely wash-resistant, each time it is washed its effectiveness is reduced very slowly.

All the products we use are OEKO-TEX Eco Passport certified. This means that they are not harmful to health.

It works, and we are not alone in saying that

The product we apply has been analysed by the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council), the University of Alicante and the Valencian Institute of Microbiology.

Through these studies it has been possible to confirm all the abilities that make Greener® such a special brand.

The product is not detectable on fabrics to the bare eye, but if we look closer...

Untreated fabric


Treated fabric