Greener® grows out of our desire to improve the world we live in, and to improve the lives of others

We have always been really concerned about taking care of the planet. Because of this, our brand is the result of our love to improve the world.

While we investigated new ways to do so, we found that current sustainable and ecological trends were not enough. They just try to reduce the human impact or, at least, make this impact not harmful.

Earth need more than traditional measures, with that insight in mind, we determined that ecology and technology need to work together. We were convinced that this idea was the key to help the planet and its living beings.

This seed emerged as Greener®. The collaboration of these two fields gave rise to the key to fight back greenhouse gases through the disruption of the Textile industry. By the use of sustainable, ecological and recycled materials and sustainable and ecological processes, each garment we create is capable of purifying the air. Thus, Greener is not just fashion, but ethical fashion.

Everything that has been done until now has not being enough and we realised that. We need strong measures that improve the world and restore it. We need to contribute to the healing of the planet offering a way that people could participate as well.

With the combination of our clothing, reforestation and ocean plastic collection, we are confident that all of us will get the planet recovered. Because of this, we donate the 10% of our benefits for these two causes.

We have created Greener® to be a brand you can identify with. It is not just garments, it is a way of setting an example to the world and showing that things can be different. With our logo on your clothes, you show that fashion can be a green act.

We have a researcher spirit,
we continuously explore new ways to improve the planet through our products